Thursday 24 December 2009


Past (Emma):
All standard height nothing exciting done.

Present (Nameless):

Lowered at the front with drop spindles and added a proper 60s roofrack by Regal (not similar to the one shown at Bugselecta). Lowering done by the guys at Kieft & Klok when we went back to Holland for a week of family visits. Standard size tyres at the rear 165/65/15 size tyres at the front to stay clear of the wheel arches. Also added new Beerbottle shaped tailpipes, just hollow not muffled what so ever so giving it a great louder and heavier sound.

Future (Rustyc Blue):

Get a narrowed front beam (not sure what dimensions yet but hope to go for a 3" or 4" rather than a 2". Lower it even more (as far as possible), rear as well. Get some nice wheels, I like the Sprintstar ones maybe use ths for the rear and get GT wheels (a bigger offset giving me more clearance) for the front and spray them in the same colour as the Sprintstars.
Will probably change the front tyres again to a more narrow 145/65/15 to get as much clearance as possible, it's all about clearance baby.
Get some nice tatty overiders for my Europa bumpers, spray paint the whole car in Rustic blue Satin and get rid of all the chrome and trim ("Chrome won't get you home" as my Brother always says) and perhaps get the name Rustyc Blue in nice, maybe metalflake, lettering on the rear window.

A bit of History

Emma, as she has been named by the previous 3 owners, is a 1968 RHD beetle with a 1500 engine. She had a full restoration somewhere in the 90s and won quite a few trophies at Classic Car events like VW Action in the late 80s early 90s.

Wednesday 23 December 2009

What about...?

Well this blog will be about my 1968 1500 Beetle and about the mods I'll be making (or in truth I will pay other people to do, altho I wanna be the one that does most od the work).